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Font Changer allows you to change the font on your Android device. Some (most likely people from the HTC Desire forum section) may be familiar with an older version which required flashing an update, however these two versions don't require it (check the requirements section for more).

Basically you can put your TTF fonts in /sdcard/.fontchanger/ (location can be changed in the settings) and then you can apply a font once they have been found by the application (inside Font Changer there are more detailed instructions on how to do this). You can also set the fonts individually using the advanced mode. It works just by copying the selected font to the system partition and overwriting the current font. Backup is automatic, although occasionally it breaks resulting in the need to fix the fonts manually or with an update (usually the cause of messing with the fonts alongside with Font Changer).

Font Changer used to only have a paid version for the past few months, but with the new Market changes I have decided to add a free version. While most cancellations happen within a few minutes after purchase, not all do... and 15 minutes is just too short! Plus some people are not in a country where they are allowed to buy paid apps. Anyway, that's my reasoning.

The application should be removed from its settings to restore the default fonts and density. More information can be found on its Market page and inside the application.


system write access (aka NAND unlock or S-OFF)
supported device, see here (see the note on the page for some heads-up)
custom recovery (not a requirement per-se, but highly recommended in case something goes wrong)

Versions and Downloads
There is a free (Font Changer (root)) and paid (Font Changer (donate, root)) version. They both have the same features, but the paid version removes ads. Please note that fonts are not included with either version for legal reasons.


Coming Features

Fix up setting custom website for preview
Set dark/white theme
Rework UI for the font picker
Rework UI for the density changer
Need some icons for the Basic/Advanced tabs
Add more fonts to be replaced in Basic mode
Check font integrity
Shake for a random font

Font Changer Apk Android Download
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