Jorte Calendar Apk 1.4.14

Jorte Calendar Apk 1.4.14
Jorte Calendar Apk 1.4.14
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Jorte is a Calendar application designed to be practical.

Jorte is a personal organizer (calendar) application, developed with a particular emphasis on making its interface resemble as much as possible the look and feel of a real paper organizer.
With an appealing appearance and ease of use.
Whether it is for personal purposes or for business, Jorte is a helpful application to assist you to manage your daily schedule.
With plenty of widgets types available, it can also be used as a calendar.
Calendars can be displayed in either monthly or weekly views. Its display can be rotated sideways.
You can see at a glance important events displayed in red, change the background color for the day and interact with many more functions in order to create your personal calendar style.
You can change the start day of the week, import national holidays data and set your own optional holidays.
When managing tasks, you can change the color of an important task to be displayed in red and change the order in which tasks are displayed on the task list.
You can also synchronize your tasks with Google Tasks.
Data from schedules and tasks can be either imported from or exported to a CSV file.
Jorte can be controlled using Google Voice Search and interacts with Google Maps.
It comes with many functions available such as synchronization with Google Calendar and support for a wide array of widgets.
Android OS 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.1
The screen display will automatically adjust to any screen size, whether on smartphones or on tablets, as well as portrait or landscape mode.
"Jorte Cloud"
It synchronizes your appointments and tasks between Jorte Calendar and your PC to the cloud!
Since you can access it from your PC at home or work, you can take advantage of its convenient way to handle both personal and professional appointments and tasks.
You can set your personal calendar, share calendars with your friends and family and also create public calendars.
Also, it is a convenient way to save important information by uploading and storing data in the cloud.

First, you need to get your free Jorte Cloud account at:

"Jorte Store"
You can purchase icons and backgrounds to use in Jorte Calendar.
(To display Jorte Store: From Jorte Calendar-->[Menu]-->[Jorte Store])
"Jorte Translate"
Please help us translate Jorte. If you would like to contribute a translation of Jorte, you can submit your translation to the following website:
"Frequently asked questions"
Data does not get erased depending on the version of Jorte.
Depending on the settings in the calendar, there are instances when it might become hidden.
In the event that there is still data in the device, do not perform an uninstall.
By doing so, the data remaining in the device will be effectively erased.
In case of being in sync with the cloud and having your data uploaded to the server there is no problem in uninstalling.

What's in Jorte Calendar Apk 1.4.14:
Ver 1.4.14 (released Nov 2, 2012)
Fixed a bug in which color style names were not appearing at the individual background image settings screen when selecting a color style.
Fixed a bug in which the background image was not reflected on screen
after being specified as a background image.
Fixed a bug with widget settings in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

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